3 Common Things that Wreck your Thyroid

It is quite often I hear from patients who have classical thyroid symptoms, but normal lab work.
If you are experiencing constipation, weight gain with diminished food intake, cold intolerance, poor circulation, fluid retention, ringing of the ears, poor memory, fatigue, dry skin, and hair loss along with slow thinking; you have a thyroid imbalance! Even if your lab work is ‘normal’ !
If your body is producing abnormal and uncomfortable symptoms, then there is something wrong or imbalanced in your body! It is your body’s way of telling you that something is off and not working well with your body. It is imperative that something be done. So what should you do?
3 Things that are wrecking your thyroid:

1. Chlorine:
Chlorine, which is commonly used in tap water, pool water, and bleaching products, can imbalance your thyroid can wreak havoc on your life. Sounds pretty intense, eh? Well the reason for it, is that this chemical actually is a bully. It’s a bully to iodine, who is a friend of the thyroid. Without iodine, the thyroid hormone is not activated from T4 to T3, causing low active thyroid levels or low thyroid symptoms.
Chlorine sources are tap water, pool water, and other chlorine products like bleach exposure from laundry and cleaning. The most common source is tap water especially when showering. Most people take warm or hot steamy showers which open up pores and increase absorption. Really anything contacting the skin is absorbed into the blood stream in seconds. So if the water you are showering in is full of chlorine, that chlorine is going to be absorbed into your blood stream.
What should you do about it?
Get a filter for your shower head that reduces if not avoids the chlorine from the water. You can find them at lowe’s or home depot, they run about $30. They are also found online just click here. Remember to change the filters every 3 months instead of the six months that they recommend (especially if you live in the Charlotte area due to the high chlorine levels).
Other things you can do:
Shower before you go in a swimming pool. The natural oils on your skin actually increase absorption of chlorine in the pool, so washing them off helps to decrease absorption of the chlorine.
2. Avoid Gluten or Wheat Products
Those with any tendency for thyroid issues, in my experience, will have issues with gluten. Gluten is the protein in bread that makes bread bounce and have that spongy quality about it.
Many people these days are having multiple issues with digesting gluten, and that is why many people are becoming ‘gluten free’. The reason why gluten is harder to digest than it was years ago is due to the genetic modifications that are occurring with it aka GMOs. Each year the wheat industry splices and dices the DNA of the wheat into a hybrid that will produce more and be less susceptible to pests and bugs, allowing more profit for the wheat growers.
This change in DNA makes gluten less recognizable for digestion. The body simply doesn’t know what it is, it can recognize it. Things that are non-recognizable are known as invaders and are attacked. Making it less digestible. If it’s not being digested well – it is more inflammatory to the body. More inflammation = more issues overall.
If something is not digested well then there is more of it floating in the blood stream. Now the body doesn’t like things in the blood stream so what it will do is start dumping this ‘garbage’ in the weakest organ or gland.
Sometimes this is the heart, other times it can be the thyroid. Over time the body will begin to attack the gland or organ and thus turns into an autoimmune condition.
If it’s surrounding the thyroid it’s called ‘Hashimotos’ if it’s in the joints its arthritis possibly Rheumatoid arthritis. Any autoimmune condition can be tied to this.
So bottom line if you have thyroid symptoms – avoid gluten and other genetically modified foods (like soy and corn and soon to be rice).
3. Imbalances & Deficiencies
Every organ or gland in your body runs on nutrients for fuel. These nutrients come from your diet – yikes! What most people eat these days is mostly devoid of any nutrients.
So when an organ does not get the nutrients it needs it becomes imbalanced. Imbalanced organs produce symptoms. It’s really their way of saying, ‘I need help, what can I do to get your attention?” Symptoms are the body’s way of telling you that something is wrong and it needs support.
The thyroid needs a variety of different nutrients including iodine, selenium, various minerals, along with herbs and possibly glandulars to help rebuild and restore.
It’s hard when someone asks me, ‘What can I do , I have hypothyroidism or Hashimotos?” It’s not an easy answer because everyone is different and everyone has these conditions for different reasons. It could be a toxicity issue, a food sensitivity, immune issue, or just a deficiency and unless I have a chance to see that person and get more information, it’s like throwing darts – you never really know where they will land you just hope you hit the bullseye!
So if you are struggling with thyroid issues and your labs are normal or not, give me a call and I can help. 704-543-5540

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