3 Ways to Boost Immunity & Lower Allergies

Allergies occur when allergens like pollen or mold appear in your body which triggers your immune system to react and cause runny nose or itchy eyes.

If you have allergies then you probably have tried numerous of treatments to control it.

Most people use prescription or over the counter medication, but what they may not know or realize is that by strengthen their immune system they can fight their allergies in a more natural way. Here are three natural ways to fight back with your allergies.

Here are 3 steps to better allergies and immunity:

1. Live a healthy life.
Boost your immune system by living a healthy life. This can be done in many ways.

Fatty fish and fish oils contains omega 3 acids which is known to have an anti-allergic, anti-inflammatory properties that help stand against allergic reactions. It has been said by some that eating fatty fish in food form versus in supplement form provides a strong effect.

Eating foods that contain quercetin like apples, onions, berries, cabbage and cauliflower have been believed to stop immune cells from producing allergic reactions.

Avoiding foods that are mucous producing such as wheat, dairy, eggs, to name a few is very effective in addressing one of the root causes of allergies. Aiming to eat low histamine foods is helpful as well.

2. Controlling your surroundings
Being in control of your environment is a great way to manage your allergies.

Doing simple things like closing your doors and windows and using the air conditioner for temperature control when pollen counts are high or using a mask and gloves when gardening are productive ways to relieve yourself of the frustration of a continuously sneezing and watery eyes.

Buying a high quality air filter is very helpful especially for those that have extreme allergies. Be sure to have a allergy protective cover for your pillow, along with changing your pillows at least once a year.

Others ways to minimize allergens in your home is to wash your hair and change your clothes when you come in from outside this washes away any allergens you may have attracted while outside.

3. Keep stress levels down.
Stress on your body can cause many symptoms that affect your everyday life. High stress levels can also cause your allergies to worsen as research has shown. So it is important to maintain a low stress level.

This can be done in many ways through meditation, taking a bath, exercising, even sharing a laugh with your friends and family. Remember to pamper yourself when needed this will keep your stress and allergies at bay. Check out my ebook, Stress Less with Scriptures, a guided meditation for more info on stress managment.

By doing these three simple things to boost your immune system you’ll find more relief when dealing with your allergies and a less need for allergy medication.

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