3 Steps to Take for a Healthier Thyroid

The thyroid is a gland that sits in just below your voice box. It hangs out there pretty insignificantly but it is so very important for your overall health and wellness.

Here are some of the functions the thyroid is involved in:

  • Regulation of the metabolism – yep it helps with weight balance
  • Regulation of temperature – it’s your internal thermostat
  • Regulation of Maturation and body development – so it helps you grow
  • Plays a role in hormone balance and fertility – you can not get pregnant very easily with an imbalanced thyroid.

So obviously the thyroid is a pretty important gland and one can not live very well without it.

3 Ways the thyroid gets imbalanced:

  1. Avoid Chlorine – Whoa! There are many ways the thyroid gets bombed everyday with these chemicals that are pretty common and everyday in nature.

Chlorine. Chlorine is horrible for the thyroid! The biggest most common exposure is taking a shower. For those of you not connected up to a well and are not filtering your shower water, you are exposing your body to a crazy amount of chlorine. It’s time to get a filter! (They are available at Lowes for 20-30$)

Why is Chlorine Bad?

Chlorine is a Halogen, it is a chemical that matches with others that are similar in molecular structure.Iodine is very similar in structure than chlorine, so the body gets confused and wants to absorb all the chlorine thinking it is iodine.

Why is this bad?

Iodine is needed for the thyroid to work. It’s kinda like a key that starts a car. The car will not start with the proper key. The thyroid can not become active without iodine. So if you are always exposing yourself to chlorine , with tap water, bleach, swimming pools, and other chemicals containing chlorine, you are also de-activating your thyroid!

So avoid all chlorine substances and filter your tap and shower water!

  1. Eat Brazil Nuts – Yes those are those funky nuts that don’t look like nuts but look more like horns that fell off a goat. But they are packed with selenium, which is a great mineral that really supports and balances the thyroid.

Eat 1-2 nuts per day – to keep your thyroid at bay.

  1. Avoid Raw Cruciferous Veggies. Raw broccoli, cauliflower, and kale to name a few all when raw can inhibit thyroid function. Now you would probably have to eat multiple cups a day for this to happen. I have heard of some people who do or put them in their smoothies. So best to lightly steam or sautee these great veggies to stop the issue with inhibiting the thyroid and you are good to go.

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