Charlotte Natural Wellness is a special place where patients find a caring environment where scientific medical knowledge meets the wisdom of natural healing approaches

Our Vision

We at Charlotte Natural Wellness seek to glorify God by loving people and guiding them to better health by, finding the root of patient’s health issues, and supporting the body’s natural healing mechanisms through the use of nutrition, herbs, and other natural remedies.

We desire to change lives naturally while showing God’s love in the process.  We are all here to make a difference with those we are in contact with, to take time to show kindness and grace.

Our Mission

Fulfilling God’s calling to changing the world one person at a time – with natural medicine to promote better health and wellness for His people as it regards their  physical, mental, and spiritual state.

How do our Vision and Mission play out?

1)  Stressed out Sarah

Sarah is a mother of 3 young children who works hard but feels so easily overwhelmed that she is literally at her wits end. There is so much to do and not enough time or energy to do it. Her hormones are imbalanced, libido is shot, she has not been able to shed those last few post-baby pounds. Energy is on a record low, she wishes she had more time to exercise and needs some accountability for eating better.

Sometimes she just doesn’t know what to eat to make her feel better. She loves to eat natural and organic, but doesn’t’ always have the energy to get it done, this makes her feel down and frustrated. Frazzled and anxious, she’s not quite sure if she will be able to sustain this for a long term and needs some support ASAP because she is a hot mess.

Her GYN and PCP doctors have given her a run around and tell Sarah, her labs are normal, so there’s nothing to do. They have been very unhelpful and just want to prescribe an antidepressant or some other prescription that Sarah feels will NOT help. Sarah knows that medication is not the answer and really wants something more natural.

What Sarah Needs Most Right now:

Sarah would love someone that will sit down and understand her as a whole person, not just her parts. She would love someone that will put together a natural protocol that will support her body’s ability to heal and function properly without drugs or even surgery. She would just love someone that will meet her where she is and give her support one step at a time.

What we will provide:

  • Individualized support that is natural and finds the root cause of the problem, then gives the body what it needs to heal itself.
  • Educating patients to better health so you can take responsibility for it.
  • Gentle accountability and direction as to what is needed and how to attain it.
  • Systemized approach to healing all the different areas of the body for prevention of disease.
  • A whole person approach that can address all the needs, a one stop Natural Medical Stop for better health and wellness.

2)  Thyroid Terri

After Terri had her twins, she just never has felt right. Her energy is depleted, and she even gets random heart palpitations that come and go. Not only that but, she continues to gain weight, and her hair is thinning. She immediately went to her doctor to investigate the issues.  The doctor ran blood work and of course the labs were all within normal range.

Her doctor wanted to prescribe a medication, but Terri know she did not want to go that route.  After combing the internet for hours she found that a gluten and dairy free diet can be helpful but, still that was not enough.

She needs more energy to keep up with her twins. She suspects a thyroid issue, since it does run in her family, but really doesn’t know what else to do. Her cholesterol is on the high side even though she is eating so many veggies and exercising.

What Terri needs right now.

Someone that can understand the inner workings of her body and not just focus on what her ‘normal’ lab tests are saying.  Someone that looks for ‘optimal’ levels not just the ‘normal’ reference ranges. Someone that can investigate the root cause of her fatigue and hair loss and put together a comprehensive plan of action.

What we will provide:

  • Knowledge on what common environmental toxins are causing her symptoms.
  • Foods to continue to focus on eating as well as eliminating the foods that may lead to inflammation which is aggravating her symptoms.
  • A systemized plan of action put in place for her specific symptoms that is attainable and easy.
  • An all natural, no prescription approach that will address the root causes of problems instead of just masking symptoms.
  • Educate Terri on what adrenal imbalance is and how it contributes to thyroid and hormonal issues.

3) Allergy Adam

Adam has had allergies all his young life, his mother worries about him often and is so tired of taking him to get the weekly allergy shots that do not seem to be helping him. He’s always rubbing his nose, has watery eyes, and feels congested. He also seems to be sensitive to his environment, scents, and even his pets. At times he can break out in hives and has eczema that comes and goes.

He is such a great kid and doesn’t complain, but his mother does worry about him and would love a more natural effective approach. He loves the idea of no more shots and is willing to swallow pills or take things that do not taste the best.

What Adam needs right now:

A more natural approach in supporting his body’s ability stop the allergy symptoms. A gentle and more natural approach to his health that doesn’t entail shots. Relief from the constant need for Kleenex and the sores from constantly wiping his nose. Freedom to be a kid that is able to go and explore whatever he wishes without fear of an allergic reaction.

What we will provide:

  • A protocol that will help lessen the reactivity of Adam’s body and balance the response so his immunity is not working overtime in allergy mode.
  • Easy chewable and take supplements that are kid friendly.
  • A natural approach with no shots or painful treatments – that are effective and work to help not only balance his system but prevent future issues or disease.
  • A whole person individualized approach to healthcare.

4) Denise the Digestive Disaster

Denise is struggling with her digestion, it seems that she has a hard time going anywhere because she is always running to the bathroom. She has IBS and can’t seem to figure out why. When she isn’t in the bathroom, her stomach bothers her. She also suffers from skin issues that vary from time to time. She gets headaches and migraines and because of this she has low moods and sleep issues. Joint pain occasionally visits as well and she has had enough.

The doctors continuously want to put her on prednisone, but she is getting tired of this pattern and would like another solution.  She is totally open to changing her diet and taking supplements.

She is, at this point, desperate for help because she just learned the digestion is the foundation of health, if this is imbalanced it can bring on more imbalance and more disease.

What Denise Needs right now:

A simple to follow plan of action, she is tired of prednisone and just wants someone to sit down with her and explain what is going on. She needs some relief from the constant bathroom trips and would love some answers. She would love to find out what the cause is for her digestive upset. Her dream is to go somewhere and never have to think of where the location of the bathroom. Correcting her digestion will help her moods, sleep, and overall life.

What we will provide:

  • A systematic approach that will help to teach her what she needs to eat, drink, and take for better digestive and overall health. Since the GI tract affects the entire body
  • Identifying the cause of why she has such discomfort and eliminating the cause naturally
  • A process to eliminate IBS and other digestive imbalances to help improve overall health and wellness