In our office we use the The Aura PTL II Therapy Laser System®.  It is the most advanced and totally safe laser system on the market today.  Because it is a low level laser and less than 5mw and produces no heat  it is totally safe for all ages, even animals.  This system integrates Laser therapy, acu-point stimulation, Substance specific Neurological Stress Reduction and Nutritional and Homeopathic support. It is a totally integrated system.

The PTL has over 130,000 frequencies which are put together into 80+ integrated programs.  The PTL II can also address so many issues such allergies and sensitivities, pain/nerve issues, sleep, stress, pain, nerve, hormones, stop smoking, emotions, brain function, viral/bacterial, trauma, energy, as well as weight management .

Acupuncture is known in all fields of medicine for its highly effective results, and with our treatment plans we utilize acu-point stimulation with the laser (laser acupuncture) but there are no needles and no pain.  The PTL Laser treatments present information to the body in several ways that the body can then utilize to reset and come into a balanced state which allows the body to heal  & balance at many different levels.  Using the induction laser the body is able to reset and resolve that inappropriate body responses and allows it to  respond normally.  You could compare it to running a virus program or hard drive defrag on your computer to eliminate all the misinformation so the computer or your brain and body now functions as it was designed to.

The PTL is the only laser system on the market that can reach the Higher Frequency ranges in the millions of pulses per second that the body communicates most effectively at. With precise communication the body utilizes the information to make significant & permanent changes. This is why the PTL II Therapy Laser System® is so effective and lives are changed every day.