Dr. Megan Ding

Dr. Ding’s Favorite Specialties: 
– Cancer Support and Prevention
– Skin issues: acne, eczema, psoriasis, etc.
– Geriatric and those over 70 years old
– Digestive issues
– Men’s Health

Dr. Megan Ding has had a lifelong passion for health and well-being. At a young age, she witnessed many health struggles in her family including that of her aunt’s diagnosis of ovarian cancer, leading her to see the world through different lenses. After seeing her now 15-year survivor aunt suffer through her past treatments, Dr. Ding embarked on a journey to discover compassionate and effective patient care. It is her goal to motivate and educate her patients through their journey to optimal health.

Dr. Ding completed her undergraduate studies in pre-medicine and biology at the University of North Carolina, Chapel Hill – Go Heels! She earned a Doctorate in Naturopathic Medicine from the National University of Natural Medicine in Portland, Oregon, the oldest accredited naturopathic medical school. During her tenure as a student, she completed two internships at Cancer Treatment Centers of America and served as a board member for the Student Alliance for Integrative Medicine, working with students from different medical schools to help promote integrative medical care to best serve patients.

As a strong advocate for integrative medicine where the focus is placed on the patient as a whole, Dr. Ding specializes in naturopathic integrative cancer care, supporting patients through all stages of treatment and beyond. Naturopathic integrative cancer care strives to change the environment in which cancer grows, including the physical, mental, and emotional realms of life. In addition to working with cancer patients, Dr. Ding sees a variety of other patients because naturopathic medicine is about treating the patient as a whole. Other conditions include women’s and men’s health conditions, digestive issues, skin issues, autoimmune, and general wellness.

Having spent a majority of her youth in Charlotte, North Carolina, Dr. Ding is very excited to have moved back home after completing her naturopathic medical education in Portland in order to help provide naturopathic medicine in the southeast.