Dr. Megan Ding is dedicated to helping those who find themselves currently facing cancer and survivors with a comprehensive integrative approach to healing.  Her integrative approach to patients with cancer is to combine the best of scientific cancer care with a nurturing approach to the entire body.

Her  goal of naturopathic cancer care is not to reject conventional approaches, which are life saving and necessary.  “I work with the patient’s doctors (oncologists, radiologist, nurses, and primary care) to provide the best care for the patient.”   As a naturopathic doctor, “I support people with cancer to use natural therapies safely and seek to maximally support overall health, fight disease progression, and prevent and reduce side effects of conventional cancer treatments.  I individualize treatment plans to each person based on their goals and experiences.”

Critical evaluation of natural medicine reveals there are excellent ways to significantly improve your fight against cancer and improve the patient’s quality of life through the process and beyond.   “I support patients before, during, and beyond treatment.”